The Invest Like The Street 
Analyst Program
Learn How To Land A Job In Investment Banking, Hedge Funds, Private Equity, and Venture Capital
Helping Students Break Into Their Dream Jobs At Firms Like
Max J.
Harvard Stock Pitch Finalist

Analyst - Venture Capital
"I got an offer on their venture capital team which I'm super pumped about.

So thank you a ton for everything you've done for me and all your students. 

I can honestly say I wouldn't have gotten the offer and made it to the finals of Harvard's competition without your help. "
Invest Like The Street Graduates Have Landed Roles At
  •  Investment Banks
  •  Hedge Funds  
  •  Venture Capital Firms
  •  Equity Research Firms 
  •  Credit Research Firms
  •  Wealth Management Firms
  •   Financial Leadership Programs
  •   Management Consulting
  •  Investment Banks
  •  Hedge Funds  
  •  Venture Capital Firms
  •  Equity Research Firms 
  •  Credit Research Firms
  •  Wealth Management Firms
  •   Financial Leadership Programs
  •   Management Consulting
Trying To Stand Out In Competitions And Interviews? 

Invest Like The Street Has You Covered
Invest Like the Street members, Max and Mark were selected as Top 15 finalists for Harvard's Stock Pitch Competition, out of hundreds of applications from around the country.
The best part? They were the only non-Ivy Students accepted.
Mark K.
Harvard Stock Pitch Finalist & Invest Like the Street Graduate
Max J.
Harvard Stock Pitch Finalist & Invest Like the Street Graduate
Trying To Stand Out In Competitions And Interviews? 

Invest Like The Street Has You Covered
Invest Like the Street members, Max and Mark were selected as Top 15 finalists for Harvard's Stock Pitch Competition, out of hundreds of applications from around the country.
The best part? They were the only non-Ivy Students accepted.
Max J.
Harvard Stock Pitch Finalist & Invest Like the Street Graduate
Mark K.
Harvard Stock Pitch Finalist & Invest Like the Street Graduate
Brendan F.
Analyst - Boston Private

"I just wanted to touch base to reiterate my thanks for the ILTS program. 

I am leaps and bounds ahead of the other interns in nearly everything.  

More than anything, it's the little skills and quirks that come from working with live financials from a real company that have benefited me most.

 Thanks again for an awesome course, it's been really cool using the gained knowledge in a professional setting. "
Reilly C.
Analyst - Cantor Fitzgerald

"Receiving quick feedback was instrumental to developing a firm grasp on the concepts. 

In real time, I was shown what I did wrong and what I needed to fix to do it right. As I was exposed to more information, any question was met with a thoughtful and detailed response. 

Invest Like the Street is NOT a lecture, it is a comprehensive dialogue designed to impart knowledge in an active and lasting manner."
Sebastian F.
Banking Capital Markets at PwC
"Until the Invest Like the Street program, I’ve never made a full projection model where everything just flows nicely into a full three stage projection model and DCF

I honestly feel like I’ve learned so much about the stock market and how to find the best companies to invest in"
How Invest Like The Street Is Different
Structured Like An Internship Versus A Class
Unlike other programs out there where you just copy a guy in a video the whole time, ILTS is structured more like an interactive internship.

You learn how to do something, THEN get assigned to do that work with a separately assigned company.

Students submit your work to an instructor in order to move forward in the course. That way we KNOW you understand the material.
1-On-1 Personalized Instruction
ILTS is very personalized for each student. 

Student's going through the program are paired up with an instructor/mentor who they can ask questions, and get individualized feedback from.

We are NOT like the boring B.S. online courses you are used to.
Education + Career Preparation
Our goal is to obviously teach students what they need to know for some of these top jobs, but more importantly we want to teach you the career 'know-how' to actually land the job.

Throughout the program, students will get feedback on their resume, networking tips, and learn how to get past some of the toughest technical interview questions out there.
How It All Works & What You'll Learn 
Prior To Starting The Course
Preparing Students For Hiring Process
Early on students are put through our 'Wall Street Career Bootcamp' to teach them the necessary tip & tricks to navigate the hiring process. This includes:
  •  Resume Editing
  •  How To Properly Apply For Wall Street Roles
  •  Networking
  •  Technical Interviews/Pitching Stocks
Analyzing Companies & How To Find Great Stock Ideas
Forget stock screeners. We'll show you some of the best places to look for great stock ideas. More importantly, we'll show you how to analyze a company like an analyst on Wall Street so you separate good stock ideas from bad ones.
  • Understanding Investing
  • What Moves The Stock Market
  • Understanding Successful Business Models
  • How To Analyze a Company Like a CEO
  • Where To Find Unique Stock Ideas
  • Identifying Good vs Bad Investments
  • How To Segment A Business
  • Trading Basics
Financial Analysis & DCF Modeling
Everyone's favorite: the Discounted Cash Flow models. Students will build their own DCF, and more importantly, we'll show students how to make the proper assumptions to create an accurate DCF model.
Lessons Include:
  • A Practical Overview of Accounting
  • Calculating EBIT, EBITDA, and Adjusted EBITDA
  • Calculating Free Cash Flow
  • Calculating Return on Invested Capital
  • Building the DCF Model
  • How To Understand the Cost of Capital
  • Manually Calculating the Math Behind the DCF
  • How To Make Smart Assumptions In Your Model
Valuation & Advanced Modeling
Ready to take your valuation skills to the next level? Level Three walks students through a Comparables Analysis and a Full Projection Model like you would create in a banking role.
Lessons Include:
  • How To Complete A Comparables Analysis
  • Calcuating EV / EBITDA, EV / EBITDA, FCF Yield, Etc
  • Determining A Proper Trading Multiple For You Company
  • How To Do The Same For Competitors
  • Building An Advanced, 3 Statement Projection Model
  • Identifying Revenue and Margin Drivers
  • Accurately Projecting Each Line Item
  • How To Balance A Broken Model
How to Pitch a Stock & Write a Research Report
Want to impress an interviewer? Show them that you can properly and convincingly pitch a stock. Level Four shows students how to do that, and more importantly, how to write a research report that they can use for buy-side interviews.
Lessons Include:
  • Determining Good Stocks To Pitch
  • How To Do A Long Vs Short Pitch
  • What Items To Focus On In An Interview
  • How To Stand Out From Other Pitches
  • Building Your Thesis
  • Identifying Proper Catalysts For The Stock
  • Determining What Type of Valuation To Use
  • Getting Your Report Published
Invest Like the Street Certification For Employers
Hey Guys,

I'm Todd, creator of the Invest Like the Street Program, and just like you, I had no clue how I was going to get a job on Wall Street and the buy-side back when I was in school.

Just look at how bad my resume was back in college:
Even with a sub-par GPA and weak resume, I was still able to teach myself the tools and tricks I needed to know to get a job on Wall Street after school and move to the buy-side after two years.

Trust me, if I can do it, anyone can. 
Nicholas P.
Corporate Finance Intern
Get An Inside Look At How Invest Like The Street Works
Frequently Asked Questions
What Is The Invest Like the Street Analyst Program?
The Invest Like the Street program is an entirely online program that gives students the hands-on, practical experience they need in understanding investing, analyzing companies & stocks, financial analysis, financial modeling, pitching stocks, writing stock reports, etc.  

We are the only online program that actually teaches you about analyzing companies and financial modeling. 

We prep our students for investment banking and the buy-side.
How Is It Different Than An Online Class?
Invest Like the Street is structured more like an internship than a class.
Students in the Invest Like the Street analyst program work 1-on-1 with an experienced instructor they have access to 24/7.

 Students are assigned a real company and get real investing and banking work just like you would at a hedge fund, bank, or wealth management firm, such as building a DCF models, pitching stocks, and even writing research reports on companies. This isn't the boring 'textbook', 'academic' garbage you learned in school.

Each student gets their own personalized homework page where they can submit their assignments to us, get feedback on what they did wrong, and once that's fixed can move onto the next lesson.
How Does Invest Like the Street Help You Land A Job?
Employers want to hire students who have relevant experience in the field already. Having the Invest Like the Street program on their resume helps students stand out in interviews with potential employers by showing they have some relevant, practical experience already, and they can prove it.

Students who complete the Invest Like the Street program are much more advanced in the fields of investing, financial analysis, and modeling than their peers are, and often land a jobs or internship ahead of their peers.

Employers have even told some of our students that Invest Like the Street should be listed at the TOP of their resume.

Our students also learn how to network much more efficiently and use connections within their circle or school to help themselves land a job or internship.

Is There A Refund Policy?

We're so confident in our program that we offer a 60 day money back guarantee.

If ILTS isn't what you were looking for, we're happy to give you money back, no questions asked.

How Long Does It Take To Complete The Program?
There's no big time commitment with Invest Like the Street. 

Most students have completed the program by spending a few hours each day for about a month

You start the program when you want, at the pace you want.

Mike K.
Analyst - Coastal Wealth Management

"I just wanted to thank you for the program I went through last summer; it was extremely helpful in my accounting and finance classes I had to take this past year.

Since I've done the program, I've actually put to use all the knowledge I learned by building models and researching companies on my own time.

I've also started investing myself with a little money to get some hands on experience"
Vikram D.
Analyst - Viavi Solutions

"The training of the program really helped as you were able to get crucial feedback on what your assigned as homework while also being able to ask questions through the process of completing assignments. 

This helped me a great deal with understanding various complex financial topics throughout the course.

Before taking this course I had tried to learn how to model just through reading books and trying to work through things myself. 

This program was able to guide me through the process of each topic it presented to really help me gain an in-depth understanding of the topic. "
What Does A Student's Personal Homework Board Look Like?
What Does The Course And A Lesson Look Like?
  • The GIF above should give you a nice overview of the course, and what a lesson would look like.
  • You'll learn how to analyze companies...
  • ... Calculate important financial metrics
  • ... And even build advanced models
Founder & CEO Todd Massedge talking to students at a Finance Conference
Want to Learn More? Check Out the Video Below:

Learn Using Real-World Examples With Real Instructors

We aren't here to bore you for hours like most modeling classes where you watch a guy move a mouse in excel for hours. 

We give you real-world assignments on topics such as understanding a business, financial modeling and writing research reports, all using a real publicly traded company. You'll submit your assignment to us, and our instructors will give you feedback on each assignment.

Trial from trial and error, NOT copying and pasting what someone else is doing.

Understand How To Build Accurate Models & Make Smart Projections

Most modeling courses teach you to build these fancy looking models and then have you plug in random numbers for your projections. That's just stupid.

We show you how to properly think about the assumptions you are building in your models so your valuations are much more accurate. This is KEY to being able to land a buy-side job over another candidate.

Learn How To Pitch A Stock And Stand Out In Interviews

Don't bother pitching blue-chip stocks like Apple and Facebook if you actually want to stand out in an interview. Everyone does that.

We'll teach you how to find stock ideas that will help you stand out in interviews and how to pitch them properly so you can show an interviewer you're much more knowledgeable than other candidates.

Tricks To Modifying Your Resume & Bypassing Resume Scanners

Ever submit your resume to one of those online job portals, then not hear back for like six months when you get an automated responses saying the jobs been filled? Annoying as hell.

We help our students properly structure their resumes with the right keywords to bypass those resume scanners and land more job interviews. You'd be shocked at how well it works.

Using The Invest Like The Street Program To Crush Interviews

We've been told by many of our students that employers have actually told them that their completion of the Invest Like the Street Program should be at the TOP of their resume.

Employers love hiring candidates that have the kind of practice experience that students in the Invest Like the Street Program have. We'll show you how to use they program as a key talking point in interviews.